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By | November 4, 2016

Jesus advised the lady on the well that God is a Spirit. Now most all people already knows that, nevertheless it used to be predominant for Jesus to inform us so. For that reason, if God made man in His photo, why is man now not spirit or why is God no longer human? Good, man is or alternatively has a spirit as is testified to in both the OT and the NT. A few Scripture passages additionally reveal that God has a soul. Hence, in that respect we do represent His snapshot and likeness, but what about the body, the fleshly state of man. That is the place the limitless wisdom of God got here into play. You see, God meticulously thought out and designed each small element of His tremendous plan for humanity.

Good Morning Images

Still, what was the intent God even create man? Used to be He lonely? He had the angels! Did He want more to Lord over? No, that would not be due to the fact He promised to provide us the whole thing we might ask for, and even despatched His most effective begotten Son to earth to die for us. So, the query is much more persistent, why did God make a being like man?

God desired any individual like Himself to fellowship with, any one in His equal snapshot and likeness. Thus, the person had to have the identical characteristics of God. The Bible tells us God is love, but he is also simply and pure and a host of other things. However, there was once a hindrance in making a being like man. Since the most important characteristic of God is love, the person need to have the ability of loving God again.

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