seo optimization tutorial

By | July 2, 2016

Title tag: Every page ought to have a HTML title (encased in <title> </title> labels). The title duplicate ought to be one of a kind, incorporate the objective watchword or target express, and should be 70 characters or less (any more, and Google will truncate it in any case).

Meta depiction tag: Even if the web indexes don’t measure a meta portrayal in positioning a page, it is essential, since it is the promoting duplicate for your page. The meta portrayal in the page head-label set (encased in <meta name = “depiction” content=””> typically shows up with your natural inquiry posting, and actuates perusers to navigate. The meta depiction tag ought to be no more than 160 characters, and ought to incorporate your objective expression.

Picture alt content: Use the objective expression in picture alt content (installed in the picture tag as alt=”your watchword”)

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