Proportional Linking

By | July 5, 2016

Trading connections isn’t a transgression. This third party referencing technique is only a chafing method for irritating website admins – particularly if the website admin is not at all inspired by giving without end joins in return for another.

There is something else entirely to equal connecting than meets the eye. You need to think about up on a site and ensure that the connection you’re going to get is roughly equivalent or superior to the connection you’re giving. Else, it won’t benefit you in any way.

A few website admins have a site page devoted to connection trade. Normally it can be found at a/joins expansion. For instance:

This will NOT help. As a matter of first importance – having a page devoted to connections is dumb and is as of now a method for telling Google that you’re giving out connections. Second, who the hell needs a connection from an every single outbound connection page? Most likely the ones who additionally give out connections in an every single outbound connection page.


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