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By | July 1, 2016

In 1199, Qutbuddin raised the Qutub Minar either as a triumph tower or as a minaret to the adjoining mosque. From a base of 14.32 mtrs it decreases to 2.75 mtrs at a tallness of 72.5 mtrs. It is still the most astounding stone tower in India, one of the finest tower Islamic structures ever raised and Delhi’s perceived milestone. It was finished by the Sultan’s successor and child in-low, Iltutmish. The tomb of Iltutmish, which he himself worked in 1235, is close-by. Its insides are bountifully brightened with calligraphy, thought the arch has gave way.


The Khalji rulers dislodged the Slave administration in 1290, and when Alauddin Khali requested redesigns of the mosque in 1311, he likewise raised the great Alai Darwaza, the southern access to the mosque. It is the main case of a building utilizing entirely Islamic standards of development, including the genuine curve. In 1303, Alauddin, built up the second city of Delhi, called Siri, of which nothing stays except for the embattlements. He likewise had burrowed an immeasurable supply, Hauz Khas, to sypply water to his city.

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