New Photo for Good Morning

By | November 3, 2016

capturing clouds could make their approach across the blackness, dead nights, useless o the night time, pitch black, naked albatross in flight simply around the figment, a myth, posy, glorious drops coming down in barrels, buckets, scuttle, containers, firkin, drums, vats of splendor, ocean waves, comets, interplanetary orb, emotion, lemon, lime, three ingredients odor, touch, style, vision, senses slowly, sunday afternoon, birth ceremony buffoon, sizzling fudge, caramel, licorice, after dinner mints, hidden, hid, efforts to appease the plight of an unknown soldier, cemetery, grave, still the confines, a figment, silhouettes, shadows, fictitious torch, blowing within the wind, iconic drive, day after today’s lies on a magic carpet, flying, sighing simply an excessive amount of confusion when any individual starts offevolved to remember what it could be worth but then you definately and i have been by means of that because the grasp must tempt our fate all along the obelisk, the turrel meets a blind man on the apex, the supernal crest of a dreadful heady stream.
Good Morning

Gerald Marchewka is an American freelance creator presently staying in Tan An city, Vietnam. His most up to date books, “Straight from the Heaven’s: Li Bai’s Poetry looking back” offering the illustrations of Seb Fowler, “Poetry for the Beat generation, quantity I”, and “A sequence of Fragments – 13 Essays on Mongolia”


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