Meta label Description permits you to impact the portrayal of the page

By | July 9, 2016

Meta label Keywords are the rundown catchphrases or expressions that you’ve focused for that particular page.

What Does This Meta Tag Look Like?

The meta labels is put between the head label segment:


<title>your TITLE KEYWORDS title goes here</title>

<meta name=”DESCRIPTION” content=”Your catchphrase rich advertising deals meta portrayal goes here”>

<meta name=”KEYWORDS” content=”your keywords,separated by a comma,but not a space, similar to, busby seo test”>


  1. The data on a site is its Content, place applicable watchwords to your substance. Observe, your watchwords to your substance ought to be showed up on the grounds that some web index punishing your site. Substance is the ruler for your guests and for web search tools too. I’ll include Busby SEO Test as a catchphrase.

Inward Links are vital for site design improvement, dependably evacuate your broken connections or missing page and ensure web crawler bots/creepy crawlies can achieve the majority of your pages.

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