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By | September 15, 2017

It has been years for the reason that I truly went to a position in ancient Dhaka. I sat in entrance of the tall memorial at the eastern side of the park. The afternoon used to be very scorching and humid and i had this feeling that I needed to drink anything very badly. I had a small bottle of ‘mineral water’ with me; so I drank from my small bottle as I appeared on the tall memorial, which commemorates the ascending of the throne of Queen Victoria as Empress of India and British Empire.

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Tall timber with inexperienced, vibrating leaves pervaded by way of its excessive and extensive arc-like opening on the eastern side (there are 4 such openings on four aspects, going through four distinct directions) as their long and entangled branches moved gently in the afternoon breeze. Bits and pieces of blue sky might be noticeable by way of the branches and the leaves. I stored watching on the spell binding scene and began to suppose as if I had been transported back to the Victorian technology. The scene quite seemed like Victorian to me; as though a section of Victorian England was once peering by means of the outlet.

I spent at the least an hour, sitting at the same position and having fun with the outstanding scene. A very cool and soothing breeze blew every so often, most effective God knows from the place, in the middle of unbearable warmness of yet a different dry and rainless monsoon afternoon.

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