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By | January 12, 2018

Somerset Maugham story about an conceited rubber plantation supervisor in Malaya. I preferred each the sound and which means of it. I would name a number of prigs in Luanshya. The geologist was once added to my prig record. The day was once tedious and uneventful. On the way again I used to be worn out. We had been out 9 hours. I flopped again in my seat on the factor of dragging my musings right into a funk hole – I was once told I was superb at that. The ancient water diviner, an Afrikaner who had been raised within the Karoo wasteland, the driest a part of South Africa, have to have sensed my gloom for he started telling me reviews. Saturday Good Morning Images

Good Night Images
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Good Night Pictures

He informed me he was capable to find water with two copper rods, but that he could additionally divine with two green sticks. The geologist, who used to be clearly doing the groundwork for a brand new hydrological survey, respected the water diviner and his ways. They mostly yield exciting outcome, and had brought him alongside ‘out of curiosity’, so he stated.


The diviner went on to inform me that opposite to what you see and believe you realize, Africa does now not invariably give what you possibly can expect. Even though you had prior skills as to what should occur – it could no longer occur. He mentioned he used this mind-set when he was once divining for water. Underground water used to be by no means a given – Africa had many dry rivers each above and under the ground. He then fell into a preoccupied silence as he groped for his tobacco in a canvas bag beneath his seat. What was this wizened ancient man with tobacco stains on his teeth and fingers telling me? I guessed it used to be going to be intriguing. Then he checked out me, and cleared his tarred throat; it used to be as if he was once about to give a wedding speech. His pupils were glistening black diamonds in the wrinkled recesses of his eye sockets as my curiosity took a powerful maintain.

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