Hosting sites on I.P addresses in the same C Class

By | July 7, 2016

With Multiple C Class I.P Hosting administrations, you can thump the channels hands. The Search Engines just downgrade your connections and punish your system of sites ONLY on the off chance that they have motivation to surmise that the same individual claims each one of those sites. The distinctive things that may make the Search Engine channels punish your site are:

– Hosting sites on I.P addresses in the same C Class

– Siilar nameservers for sites

– Similar WhoIs data for sites

– Similar rDNS space for sites

You can utilize diverse C Class IPs to have your sites and begin building such numerous site systems furthermore stay beneath the radar of bothersome Search Engine channels. The fundamental thought of facilitating on IPs from various C Classes is that there ought to be NO follow or connection at all between the sites in our web journal ranch/sites system through which Search Engine channels could naturally follow down the entire system of sites and punish it consequently.

Numerous C Class I.P facilitating, otherwise called S.E.O Hosting (since it is gone for S.E.O), makes every site from your site system show up completely one of a kind with nothing in like manner.

S.E.O Hosting is sensibly evaluated and reasonable. Evaluating ranges from about “$10 per I.P from a one of a kind C Class” to “$3 per I.P from a special C Class”. Certain suppliers charge higher and certain charge lower, be that as it may, their evaluating not the slightest bit mirrors the nature of administrations.

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