Good Morning Pics

By | November 3, 2016


nonetheless this does not mean that the whole thing might be exactly as you found it for there are many asteroids that can take you very a ways beyond the moon and the rain as the previous day won’t at all times occur as there are numerous things which may be cancelled should you seem deep inside your intellect nightly journeys to far-off reminiscences opaque, murky, vague for there is also no excellent rationale to bring them up, allow them to lie there turbid images, obfuscated, arresting, perplexing, benign but no person would fairly say that they have got misplaced the final contours of their shape as there could constantly be purple coats, enlisted men, warriors, troopers, soldiers, tommies, mercenaries, servicemen
Good Morning

but allow them to be smooth as they make their manner off to battle in barren region sunsets over mushrooms, camels and fawns as there’s nothing like a twilight night nightfall a gloaming eventide, a wrathful dungeon, a prison, a phone, so walk with simple steps, light foot, imprints in cataracts, foolhardy sand dripping down, liquid honey, antlers fabricated from ginger, engaging, mellow, pungent and candy

In darkened spaces, illuminated faces

escaping despicable traces that will come

to play undesirable methods, practical jokes

deception, fraud, ploys and scams

all of them an phantasm, a caper, a swindle, a ruse

however let it shine as the sunshine may enter the night time,

dark shadows in rising hearts, morning stars

simply before the dawn as there are lasting places

that could convey dragon boat races to a radiant solar

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