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By | November 3, 2016

JERRY SEINFELD: (attempting desperately to make dialog) So, Ceausescu. He ought to’ve been some dictator.

KATYA [A guest character, she is supposed to be a Romanian gymnast who won a Silver medal in the 1984 Olympics] : Oh yes. He used to be now not shy about dictating.

Good Morning

JERRY: He, uh, he ought to’ve been dictating first thing within the morning. “I desire a cup of coffee and a muffin!”

KATYA: and you would not refuse.

JERRY: No, you would need to be crazy.

KATYA: He was once an awfully dangerous dictator.

JERRY: yes. Very dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

(from the American tv comedy series, Seinfeld, episode entitled “The Gymnast,” aired 3 November 1994, a couple of websites, see for instance, http://www.Seinology.Com/scripts/script-ninety two.Shtml)


TONY KORNHEISER: “thank you, Julian…Folks, Julian Rubinstein, author of ‘The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber’ [a Hungarian bankrobber of the 1990s whose cover was playing ice hockey], might be on the ‘Hungarian-American basis’ tonight…What’ll they have there? [Laughing] Gulash, sure, they may have popperkash [sic]…”

ANDY POLLIN: [Laughing] perhaps Zsa Zsa [Gabor] can be there…

(creator’s gist of a conversation heard on the sporting events talk/comedy radio program “The Tony Kornheiser show,” 2 December 2004, 9 AM Hour, WTEM 980 AM, Washington, D.C.)

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