Good Morning Photo

By | November 3, 2016

Do that endeavor. Put the arms of your hands together with the fingers aligned as if in prayer. These hands urgent gently together symbolize you. Now twist your wrists, retaining your fingers collectively, until the again of your correct hand is dealing with away out of your face. The proper hand with its back dealing with out is the facet of you that you want and allow the arena to look. Actually, you reward it to the world always. You place your nice foot ahead. It is the aspect of you that’s joyful, first-rate, ready, dependable, robust, sincere, dependable, caring, sensitive, and thoughtful. This is your constructive part.

Good Morning Photo

Your left hand is the one simplest you will see. It can be the facet of you that isn’t so good. That is the aspect of you that’s now not strong, that’s lonely or hurting, that has faults, is afraid, unhappy, with no trouble angered, and now not optimistic. This is your not-so-optimistic facet.

Which part is the real you-the positive facet or the no longer-so- confident part? In fact, you are each. One part does no longer negate the opposite. Simply considering you have faults, screw ups, or insecurities doesn’t negate the truth that you might have strengths, distinctive attributes, and competencies to get things achieved. But most folks tend to let their now not-so- constructive facet cut back the strengths on the constructive facet. They focal point on the now not-so-good facet of themselves, pronouncing, “i do know i am a just right individual, but . . . .”

If the photo you’ve of your self contains best undistinguished and unexceptional features-or all of the matters you are not-then your self-photograph is discrediting your positive attributes. That you can be-and actually are-both whilst. For illustration, when you get a pimple to your nostril, isn’t that all you see when you look in the replicate? Despite the fact that the rest of your face is just best, you fear in regards to the one blemish. But your pimple does now not negate the wonderfulness of your entire other features.

Which you can pick to place the now not-so-optimistic aspect into proper standpoint with the aid of not making it your focal point. Once you have the right perspective, you’re free to look the entire excellent things about your self. You will see that that you have a profusion of strengths and expertise.

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