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By | May 15, 2017

Work was once as natural on most tasks 10 hours a day for 6 days a week which left the Sunday (Friday in Arab international locations) free to pursue your endeavor or enjoyment pursuit or simply lay to your pit. Television was hit or miss so it used to be incumbent on you to use your time most profitably.This specified area like many i’ve had the fortune to work in had an off limits to anyplace other then the confines of the camp. After 6 weeks stir crazy feelings make you crave civilisation and a new face. Happily for us this camp used to be headquartered subsequent to the ocean to accommodate the work ongoing in the port. What that allowed us was to go via car along the seaside of the camp to a lovely spot where we would be beside the sea on our day off. A number of beers, a braai, some excellent organization and time simply melted away.

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Liberia is in West Africa and has thick lush jungles and minimal infrastructure and so the place we have been was deepest darkest Africa so to communicate. Normally hot or raining heavily gave this situation the humid steamy sticky feel that had you at all times looking to have a bathe having just accomplished one.

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