Good Morning Jokes

By | November 3, 2016


Her: “was once that Arnold Schwarzenegger”?

Me: “Who? I wasn’t staring at.”

She grabs the far flung and rewinds the DVR. “Him, in that industrial.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s Schwarzenegger — with a wig.”

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Her: “I cannot believe he said that.”

Me: “Who? I wasn’t listening.”

She rewinds the DVR once more. “Him. That.”

Me: “I feel it’s that man who performed the neighbor on that ancient comedy exhibit we used to watch. He consistently talked like that.”


Her: “He received days in jail and 10 years’ probation.”

Me: “Huh”?

Her: “Josh Brent obtained 10 years’ probation and time in prison but I didn’t see how a lot time.”

Me: “Run it back and appear.”

Her: “I ran it back too a ways and now I can’t to find it.”

Me: “Let me have the far flung.” I finally to find it. “One-hundred-eighty days.”


Her: “There she goes”!

Me: “Who? Where”?

Her: “the woman within the purple polka-dot apartment coat — through the entrance yard running her dog.”

Me: “I wasn’t looking.”


Her: “Ooooh! Here. Look at this.” She fingers me her iPad. The monitor turns and the image is lost.

Me: “i don’t see some thing.”

Her: “give it back”!

“Now seem.” She hands the iPad back to me.

Me: “Oh. Funny.”


Her: “don’t you pay concentration to something”?

Me: “What do you mean? I’m working a crossword puzzle. That is what i’m paying attention to.”

Her: “are not able to you pay concentration to a couple of thing at a time”?

Me: “Huh”?


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