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By | November 11, 2016

Nazca: Flight tour over the enigmatic Nazca lines; The Nazca lines are geoglyphs and geometric line clearings within the Peruvian barren region. They have been made via the Nazca people, who flourished between 200 BCE and 600 CE along rivers and streams that go with the flow from the Andes. The barren region itself runs for over 1,four hundred miles alongside the Pacific Ocean. The field of the Nazca artwork is known as the Pampa Colorada (pink simple). It’s 15 miles wide and runs some 37 miles parallel to the Andes and the ocean. Dark pink surface stones and soil were cleared away, exposing the lighter-colored subsoil, developing the “strains”. There’s no sand in this wasteland. From the air, the “strains” include no longer most effective strains and geometric shapes, but in addition depictions of animals and plants in stylized types. One of the crucial types, together with images of humans, grace the steep hillsides on the edge of the barren region. Royal category Bus to Arequipa. Arrival late night and to the Posada Monasterio motel amazing good morning images  pic pictures  hd  

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Arequipa: Free morning. Afternoon city tour traveling the Chilina valley and the ancient San Lazaro district. Normal view of the city from the Yanahuara Belvedere, the Plaza de Armas and its Cathedral, the cloisters of la Compania Church, the Church and square of San Francisco and the extraordinary Santa Catalina convent which is constructed from volcanic lava and dates from the 16th century.

Colca Canyon: Departure from Arequipa, passing close the thermal baths of Yura and hiking up closer to the country wide Reserve of Pampa de Canahuas which is headquartered at three,800m. The colors and scenery are amazing as we go endangered grazing Vicunas and ponds with Andean Geese. We can see many snow peaks and volcanoes from here. Winding down into the Colca, stay on the at ease Colca resort. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

Arequipa: After breakfast, early departure to arrive the Cruz Del Condor viewpoint, a few kilometers earlier than Cabanaconde, where the Colca Canyon starts. Here Andean Condors and other Birds of Prey, roost on inaccessible ledges and once hot air thermals have developed, produced by the burning Andean solar, they circle out gaining top and provide stunning photographic opportunities. The Condors are huge and one can’t support but be amazed through these creatures. Here you’ll see a great view of the flight of the condors as well as of the depth of the mighty canyon. Within the afternoon, return to Arequipa and inn.

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