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By | November 8, 2016

A progression of occasions in Australia in the most recent few days have without a doubt left me reeling in stun and astonish. The first was an episode where a 18-year-old kid was shot dead by police. In fact he’s a man yet I call him a kid. A kid who was silly and extremely innocent. A mentally programmed jihadist. A supporter of ISIL, a Muslim radical gathering, which needs to annihilate every one of us for reasons unknown other than, our identity and how we live. He went to the consideration of powers for a portion of the things he was stating via web-based networking media like needing to decapitate police, wrap their bodies in the ISIS banner and post the pictures on the web. He likewise made passing dangers against the Australian Prime Minister.
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Surprisingly and humorously the police chose to manage this by taking a genuinely low, key approach. Rather than a sunrise assault and capturing him at gunpoint they welcomed him to come and see them at the police headquarters. They masterminded a period and he swung up to be met by two officers outside the station. What happened next will turn into the subject of an official request. Be that as it may, it gives the idea that when one of the policemen attempted to shake his turn in welcome, the 18-year-old created a blade and started hacking at the two policemen. It is trusted that one of the policemen discharged a solitary, deadly shot at the 18-year-old. It was both disastrous and silly.

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