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By | November 4, 2016

Next, let’s talk about content material. This subject really will get me going in view that apparently the content material on our internet site is so extraordinary that individuals simply use carte blanche when making use of it on their websites. Now, you could wonder how i do know who’s stealing our copy and rather, it can be now not that tricky. I’ve acknowledged it earlier than however i will repeat over again today. Take a small part of content from certainly one of your internet sites and conveniently paste it into the Google or Yahoo! Search field. If it’s your fashioned content material (and assuming the page has been spidered), your web page must come up first. What comes up next is the alarming section…Considering you can also very well find different web sites are using your content verbatim. good morning motivational quotes hindi pictures¬†¬†

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So, what do you do in this example? I send what’s referred to as a stop and desist e-mail to the offending company (they on the whole have a useful contact type on their web page to use) and just like the unlawful use of an photograph, I additionally give them 24 hours to put off our content material. In fact, I sent a number of of these off the previous day. Here is one reply I bought this morning (I kid you now not):

hi there sir.

Im very sorry for falling in love together with your articles to have ignored the copyright notice. Please forgive me. I’ve attributed the supply of the contents to you and linked it to your website. Can i have you as a mentor sir, im just a amateur on this discipline.

Thanks sir [name omitted], (Lagos, Nigeria)

You need to admire his gall; first stealing our content material and then wanting us to mentor him. I became down the opportunity.

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