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By | July 5, 2016

video with Eric Ward)

June 19, 2016 by Eric Ward

Third party referencing Outreach – Strategies for Seeking Links and Publicity (hour and a half video with Eric Ward)

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♪ The Outreach Times They Are A Changin (with statements of regret to Bob Dylan)

Presentation: Attracting and winning consideration, says, and connections to your substance (or your customers) is a misleadingly troublesome, inconspicuous and key ability. Effort is a key part of the procedure, yet measuring a “win metric” that can be connected to any undertaking, customer, or vertical is difficult to bind. Why? This Hangout secured numerous effort related subjects, and was interested in anybody to participate and tune in. I was on-air for two hours, discussing effort methodologies, victories, and disappointments more than 20+ years of effort, and took questions, since I’m a pig for discipline. I do these Live Hangouts a couple times each year, for nothing for the present. Come join the following one and put forth intense inquiries.

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