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By | June 28, 2016

One who has completed his WordPress development course will get a higher remuneration if he or she is already working with a company. Due to this course he will be able to take up such various kinds of other task for which the company will not need another employee.

If you are having your own business then you will surly prosper in it. You are bound to get different kinds of other work related with WordPress. This will help generate money and business at the same time.

Course structure

    Definition of  WordPress

    One click installation


    An overview about admin panel

    Updating of general settings- privacy, time, and user profile.

    WordPress themes- Storage place for themes, searching, previewing and installing a new them.

    Creating and adding a new logo

    Setting up permalinks-the name of the page (URL).

    Pages- setting up a constant home page, creating a blog page for the posts to be viewed, creation of generic pages like about us and contact us and delete a page.

    Creation of custom menu- placing pages in order, addition of sub pages

    Adding and deleting a post.

    Adding widgets

     Uploading pages, adding images, editing images

    Showing plug ins depository, Adding WordPress security plug in, adding a database backup plug in, adding an advanced text editor plug in.

    Managing content- insertion and formatting of text, adding a hyperlink to an image, adding a hyperlink to some text, adding a basic contact form plug in and adding a google map.

There are many institutes who are involved in teaching their students with appropriate knowledge about WordPress development. The names of the institute are as follows- Parth creation, Tekblink, Inspire computer education, and many others.

WordPress development course opens up a vast world for the aspiring students. The course structure is also integrated and many students prefer to take it up so as to make them more knowledgeable

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