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By | June 27, 2016

I discovered that blaze sites work the same way a dvd motion picture works. We should assume I needed to watch a dvd film call “Iron Man”. Initially thing I do is take the motion picture out of the case and place it in the dvd player. Next, I would sit tight for the motion picture to stack up. At that point I would press the fundamental menu since I need to begin the film. In conclusion, I would squeeze play and the motion picture begins. Ten minutes into the film, somebody is at my entryway. So I would delay the motion picture, and go see who is at the entryway. For reasons unknown they have the wrong house. I would close the entryway and retreat to my seat and squeeze play and keep viewing my motion picture.

While perusing the books I discovered that, similar to dvd film that are put away on a dvd; streak sites are put away (inserted) on a record call “swf”. This swf document can be project to do whatever I need it to do. For instance, in the event that I needed to my glimmer motion picture to delay for few second to accentuate a point and afterward begin playing once more, I could program it to do as such. Likewise, I figured out how to program the blaze motion picture to have my logo (on a particular segment of my site), and have the expert look and feel to it, and have dropdown menu, and have slide show display with music. The best part was that everything was put away in one “swf” record. That swf record was inserted into one html document. Life was great and my site was solid as well!!!

I asked my companions (who knew more adjoin sites) to investigate my site and let me know what they thought. They let me know I have BIG PROBLEMS!!! One – I just have a html record which implies that my site will just appear under one output on account of the meta labels (title, portrayal, watchwords). Two – in the event that somebody spared my display segment of my site under their top choices, it begin from landing page rather than exhibition. Meaning it would begin the blaze film from the earliest starting point. Three – my site is not seo cordial. Since everything was put away into one document rather than increase records (one for landing page, one wedding display, one for representation exhibition, and so on). I asked them what I can do to alter it. They advised to make a html site. That way my site would have distinctive pages for everything and each one of those pages would have their own particular meta labels. More meta labels implies individuals would have more opportunities to discover my site.

I would not like to totally toss way my site since I truly preferred my slideshow exhibition music. Furthermore, I worked truly hard at it!! So I chose to do the inconceivable. I consolidated the blaze site with html site. Along these lines I could have the best of both universes!!!

My current my site (Kumar Photography ) has the best of both universes and its seo well disposed.

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